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  • Unique Weddings
  • More than a Wedding Planner

  • Becoming 1: The first wedding guest experience (GX) management service. Unlike wedding planners or coordinators, we are armed with an arsenal of tools and services, digitizing the guest RSVP and wedding preparation process. We are dedicated to making your wedding an experience that people will remember for the ages.

  • Creative Wedding Singapore
  • Creative Weddings in Singapore

  • We get you. Holding video and VFX elements close to our core, we aim to help you create unique weddings as special as your relationship. We are storytellers by heart, telling nuanced stories—yours—with powerful video and visual effects that fit you.

  • Wedding Preparation
  • Forward Looking, Looking Forward

  • We are daring dreamers: seeing, believing, and creating difference. We are constantly considering areas for improvement, dreaming of more ideas, and better ways to serve you. Stay tuned for more, because who knows? We might even become a one stop wedding bridal service in the future!

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