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  • What We Do?

    Remember; every toast, each vow taken, all blessings received, and cherish an eternity promised with the person of your dreams. With Becoming 1®, celebrate every precious moment of a lifelong union without the stressful preparation and minute details. Becoming 1® is more than a web wedding services app that sweetens the entire wedding preparation process, executing decisions with the touch of a button.

    From sending your guests personalized invites, right to broadcasting your wedding live on stream for local and destination weddings, the team of Becoming 1® will pull the stress off your shoulders, and walk with you: hand in hand, every step of the way.

    Becoming 1®; we are more than the average wedding organizer in Singapore, we are distinct from a one stop wedding bridal service provider, bringing a separate service hitherto unseen to Singapore. Our interactive wedding platform is unlike any other wedding service app in Singapore, we focus on delivering personalized wedding preparation services to put your mind at ease.


    Who are We?

    “Who are you?”, You ask?

    Simply put, we are dream makers unafraid; we are the craftsmen breathing life into the craziest ideas. We are every move, every triumph, and every setback behind the company dreaming of delivering the most creative weddings in Singapore.

    Yet, we are much more than that. We are children, parents, friends, singers, writers, hikers, shoppers, cyclists, connoisseurs, soccer players, maybe even slightly obsessed storytellers. We are little red packets of exciting potential, or the flowers you so admire—each of our own shape, make, and colour.

    But the above doesn’t quite answer your question, does it? So, again, you ask us: who are you?

    Now, the answer returns, more complicated than before: we are more than words can explain, we are more than images can tell, we are more than all you can ever hear about us.

    We are Team Becoming 1®, why not come and see who we are for yourself?


    Unique and Creative: The Becoming 1® Experience

    Be it a destination wedding in the place of your dreams, or the most creative wedding Singapore will see, Becoming 1® is a unique, innovative wedding service designed to facilitate the realization of new wedding ideas that have yet to be seen.