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Becoming 1® will help you send just the perfect invite: whether you are looking to send a heartfelt card, or wedding favours unique in Singapore. Simply provide us with a guest list of the names and email addresses of your guests and Becoming 1® will work to invite each of them in joining you on your nuptial journey. Using the latest technology to bring each invite to life, we want to send the invitations you would love to receive.

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Collaborative Content Albums

Every guest is a photographer, content creator; an active participant of the wedding. Share memories in a collaborative, controlled, and secure space. Here, with permission granted, both invited guests and the couple getting married can upload, share, and comment on  memories of the wedding with one another. This way, guests can be engaged in the wedding process the very moment they receive their invitations.

Glocal Livestreaming

Just because your guests are a continent and an ocean away, doesn’t mean that they have to miss your special day: the rings exchanged, the vows taken, or tender words spoken. Or, never let your best friends miss another gate-crashing event just because it was too early for them. Becoming 1® bends distance and time to your will, joining all loved ones an intimate, memorable closed-door event, even if they are miles away.

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Intuitive Guest Management System

Our 3-in-1, intuitive guest management system provides couples with a formidable control panel that makes keeping track of the wedding guestlist a stroll in the park. With the interactive RSVP process completely digitalised, guests can respond to wedding events, private or otherwise, with the touch of a button. Couples can have an automatically consolidated list of all guest responses at their fingertips and assign guests to tables easily. Accommodating special requests and last-minute switches are no longer a hassle!

Interactive Media Booths

Step into the future of celebrations with our AR Photobooths and Sound Booths! Immortalise a quirky moment in time with the power of our AR Photobooths that bring photos to life, or add a new dimension to your congratulatory notes to the wedding couple by power of recorded speech. We’re redefining technology, so the media booths at every wedding should, too!

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Gifting At A Click

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Automated Notifications

Keep up to speed with all happenings about the weddings. Brides and grooms can keep their guests updated with the wedding preparation process every step of the way. Scheduled notifications from Becoming 1® also mean that guests receive reminders before main events, like that once in a lifetime livestream that they cannot miss.

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